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Eye catching memorable signage establishes a spot in the brain's memory. Fairly expensive to do unique custom signage and harder to find sign companies that have the experience.

One way to appeal to the public is to create a different looking pylon sign, the kind of special ‘not out-of-the-box’ approach.

Using a Firebird Trans Am with racing flames appeals to this car wash’s target market.  A typically younger male car owner who want to show off a sporty car - possibly into racing. 

In contrast, this car wash sign did not put up a 4 x 4 truck which would appeal to a different market. 

The sign weight and load were reduced by removing structural and mechanical parts where needed. An aluminum bottom cover smooths out the underside of this custom pylon sign.

Custom Signage Car Wash Pylon

Custom Signage Underside of Pylon

ReadoGraph Changeable Letter Pylon

Custom Signage Details

Illumination is from ground mounted halogen lights. A car wash security camera is installed near the underside of the car by the pole and watches over the car wash bays.