Writing a Sign Permit Letter

Using a sample permit letter can you save time, especially when it's 10 year tested. Many smaller towns and cities allow sign applications to be submitted in the mail or by courier. As a result one will need a covering sign permit letter.

This sample letter below we have been using for over ten years so it is well tested.

Your welcome to use this sample permit letter as it will be the front door to your sign permit application. Your covering letter should contain the most important items such as your site address, that you are applying for a sign permit, that a fee cheque is enclosed ..

The letter is basic in nature which appeals to the traditional busy town offices and clerk as they generally do not have time to wade through a long letter to figure what you are requesting.

Sample Permit Covering Letter

September 7, 20##

Tara Mally
Corporation of the Town of Carleton
Building Department
175 Bridge St., Carleton
Ontario, K7C 2V8

Dear Tara,

We wish to apply for a sign permit for the new __ store name _________ store at 50 McNeely Ave., Carleton, __add the state/province/district/region ____ .

Included with our sign permit application are drawings and our permit fee cheque.

Please process our sign permit application and call us when it is ready at ____ phone number, we recommend cell phone because if the City calls it can be with problems or good news, that your sign permit is issued, thus we want to know right away _____ .

If you have any questions please call.

Thank you!

D. Mac

Encl: we typically do not list, but no harm done

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