Beer Liquor Neon Sign Repair & Neon Maintenance!

Repair of beer and liquor neon signs are a common neon sign repair request. Here are some suggestions based on an inquiry about a repairing a burnt out "Jack Daniels" neon sign.

Your "Jack Daniels" neon sign should be repairable! Here are some neon background and suggestions on finding a good neon repair shop.

There are three basic components to your neon sign.

(A) One is the transformer that produces the high voltage which illuminates the neon gas
(B) High voltage wiring that carries the voltage from the transformer to the neon tube(s)
(C) The neon tube itself.

The tubes can last for many years up to 15-20 years and some. Especially when kept indoors where there is no moisture to create electrical shorts. Your neon illumination problem may be a transformer which can has a shorter life span than the neon.

One just has to locate a local neon repair company to fix it. Since you are on line, suggest you locate the internet yellow pages for your area and type in "neon repair". What you are looking for is a neon company that manufactures and repairs neon tubing. If
they are wholesale and retail, then maybe you'll save some extra money and have a future source in case another neon sign burns out.

On a finishing note, most illuminated indoor liquor and beer signs have had the neon tubing dipped in black paint. This controls the neon light so that the light will only be reflected out to the front. As a result, the neon light does not shine against the signs
background or if open back format against a wall. This makes the neon copy brighter and easier to read because of the darker background.

If one needs a new tube and the company that you locate does not dip the neon tubing, then they can paint out the neon tube. It is not the same as dipping as it is very hard to paint straight lines on the back and sides of a neon tube. It is best to source a neon
tube manufacturer directly versus a sign company that would send out the neon for repair.

You should be able to locate several local neon manufacturing companies although there are fewer with the popularity of LED?s (Light Emitting Diodes). The neon shop will most likely ask you to bring the neon sign in as it is a portable sign. Best ask for an
approximate quote to repair the neon sign so you are not surprised as neon repair costs do add up!

All the best in your neon repair search.

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