How can you Decrease your Wall and Pylon Sign Operating Costs?use!

Total electrical operating cost of store signs and pylon signs revolves primarily around illumination time. The policy of leaving the electric signs on all the time might be changed immediately after the accountant gets hold of the true costs.

A) The use of electric solar eyes can handle the automatic on-off problems associated with changing daylight times. Thus, turning on sign illumination when it is only needed resulting in reduced sign operating cost. The use of solar eyes reduces the local staff's need to and required knowledge to adjust timers. In the event of rain storms and large thunder storms, signs will illuminate automatically.

B) Sign electrical timers are another consideration which reduce total sign illumination time. Timers can be combined with solar eyes to optimize your sign illumination to store hours or traffic times and reduce your electrical costs of sign operation.

C) Change ones sign purchasing policy, as example purchase LED ( light emitting diode) signs. This relates to illuminated LED channel letter store front signs, purchase LED open signs ... most of these purchases would be in place of neon and/or fluorescent illumination. The sign saving can be significant because the electrical amperage draw is substantially less resulting in lower operating cost per hour.

D) Pylon signs have few ways to reduce electrical operating costs. Outside of reduced use of neon tubing for accent lighting, neon decoration and use of neon channel letters, the fluorescent tube is relatively efficient at illuminating a large area. The main focus should be on the number of hours that a pylon sign is on.

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